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Can You Use a BODUM Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Hot Coffee?

Headquartered in Switzerland BODUM® is a family-owned company dedicated to making functional, affordable, and beautiful houseware products.

The BODUM Cold Brew Coffee Maker known for its ability to craft rich, sweet cold brew without any bitterness. Thanks to its sleek, innovative design, you can prepare and store cold coffee without worrying about losing those fresh aromas.

But what if you’re craving a hot cup instead? Can you use a BODUM Cold Brew Coffee Maker for hot coffee? The answer is yes…with the right steps.

Let’s unravel the secrets to transforming your BODUM Cold Brew Maker into a versatile tool, perfect for brewing hot coffee.

Using Your BODUM Cold Brew Coffee Maker for Hot Coffee

You can use your BODUM Cold Brew Maker for hot coffee, as long as it doesn’t reach boiling temperature.

The BODUM container is crafted from BPA-free plastic, which ensures that your coffee remains free from harmful chemicals when exposed to hot water.

Additionally, the double-wall design and airtight silicone seals keep your brew warmer for an extended period. Plus, BODUM Cold Brew is dishwasher-safe; so, it can handle some heat. 

Still, it’s not advisable to use boiling water. After all, the BODUM Cold Brew Maker is made of plastic. When exposed to high temperatures, plastics can release trillions of nanoparticles.

Over time, these tiny particles can accumulate in your body, potentially causing a myriad of health problems. These can include weight gain, insulin resistance, decreased reproductive health, and an increased risk of cancer.

So, just a fair warning: If you’re jonesing for steaming hot coffee, using your BODUM Cold Brew Maker might not be the best choice. The container is resilient, but extreme temperatures might compromise its integrity.

BODUM Cold Brew Coffee Maker
Includes two lids: One for the fridge overnight, and one with a plunger to press down the coffee grounds in the morning. Innovative locking lid system keeps your Coffee hot or cold and helps prevent spills. All components are 100%. Dishwasher Safe for easy clean-up. All Plastic Parts are 100% BPA Free!

How to Make Hot Coffee Using Bodum Cold Brew

Making hot coffee in a BODUM Cold Brew Maker is pretty straightforward.

All you need is high-quality beans, the right water ratios, and, of course, your trusty BODUM Cold Brew Maker. After preparing your coffee, just heat it up and you’re done. Let’s spill the beans on each step.

1. Choose the Right Bean

Choosing the right coffee bean can be overwhelming. After all, there are countless options.

According to BODUM, using their Arabica beans will provide the most flavorful drink. But you can certainly experiment with other rich types, like African coffee.

Aside from flavor, caffeine levels can help you choose the best bean option for you. 

Contrary to common belief, lighter roasts contain more caffeine than darker ones. So opt for a light roast if you need a bigger boost. 

As for flavor, dark roasts offer a deep, full taste, while light roasts are less bitter with sweeter undertones. 

Whichever type of coffee you choose, make sure you buy fresh beans with a roast date within two weeks. That’s the sweet spot where the coffee remains fresh while reaching its peak flavor.

2. Grind Your Coffee Beans

For the ideal BODUM Cold Brew experience, you’ll want to grind your beans to a coarse texture. It should feel like sea salt or sand, but not a powder.

For this reason, it’s important to invest in a good coffee grinder. BODUM suggests using its Bistro Electric Burr for a perfect coarse-ground coffee texture. Though, this Burr Grinder from CUISINART may be a better choice.

To prepare 12 cups, use about 163g of beans. Simply place it on a flat surface, select the French press setting, and set the timer for 20 seconds.

CUISINART Electric Burr One-Touch Automatic Grinder
Burr grinding provides a uniform grind to your fresh coffee beans with its 18-position grind selector – move the slide-dial from ultra-fine to extra-coarse to ensure your coffee grounds are exactly the way you prefer.

3. Prepare the Brew

To prepare the perfect drink with your cold brew coffee maker, opt for a ground coffee-to-water ratio of 1:8. While that may seem like too much, this bold ratio ensures a rich base that can be later diluted to taste. 

Simply add 1,300g of cold water to 163 g of coffee. Pour it slowly in a circular motion for even coverage. 

Stir gently with a plastic or wooden spoon until saturated. Cover the container with the brewing lid and let it steep at room temperature for 12-24 hours on a non-slip surface. You can prepare a batch and let it sit overnight so that it’s ready in the morning.

Now, you might be wondering: Why all this hassle to make coffee? Well, this brewing method brings out the aromatics without the bitter taste that can often result from traditional brewing methods. So, it’s likely that you’ll notice a big difference in taste.

4. Heat Your Coffee

After you’ve brewed your coffee, all you need to do is heat it. There are several ways to do this, the easiest of which is using your microwave. 

Simply pour the coffee into a microwave-safe cup and heat it for 45 seconds. You can increase the duration according to your preference (or according to your microwave’s wattage).

Alternatively, you can use an electric kettle to heat your entire batch of cold brew. If you want to keep it warm all day, transfer the batch to a coffee machine pot and leave it on the hot plate. 

You can also dilute your cold brew with hot water, especially if you don’t prefer strong coffee.

Can You Use Hot Water to Make Coffee Using a BODUM Cold Brew Maker?

Yes, you can use hot water to make coffee using a BODUM Cold Brew Maker. Simply follow the same steps as you would to prepare coffee using the BODUM French press. Here’s how:

  1. Use 1 rounded tablespoon or 1 BODUM scoop of grounds for every 4 oz. of water.
  2. Pour the hot (not boiling!) water in a circular motion to cover all the coffee.
  3. Let it brew for 4 minutes.
  4. Press down, and you’re ready to enjoy your coffee!

The Final Scoop

While the BODUM Cold Brew Maker is a versatile tool, it’s essential to be careful when using it to prepare hot coffee. Its plastic composition makes it susceptible to high temperatures.

Still, with meticulous bean selection, precise grinding, careful brewing, and the proper heating method, you can enjoy a delightful hot coffee experience with this tool.

Alternately, you can directly prepare the hot drink in the cold brew coffee maker, but make sure not to use boiling water.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll end up crafting a flavorful, cockle-warming cup of coffee that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home.

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