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Is Your Breville Clean Descale Light Flashing? Causes & Fixes

So, you’ve got your fantastic Breville espresso machine that makes your mornings better. But then, the clean descale light starts flashing. Ah, crap.

A Breville is a sleek piece of machinery, pumping out those aromatic brews with precision. But here’s the thing—it’s high-maintenance. You’ve got to be on top of every beep and buzz it throws your way. 

We’ve got your back. 

In this article, we’ll explore why your Breville clean/descale light keeps flashing. 

When you see that light going on and off, it ain’t no disco party. Your Breville is trying to tell you something important! So, let’s take a look at why your Breville clean/descale light might be flashing and some possible fixes:

Why Your Breville Clean Descale Light is Flashing

Your Breville espresso machine is a workhorse. As such, it needs a lot of TLC. When that clean/descale light starts flashing, pay attention—it’s the machine’s way of communicating. 

If that light is constantly flashing, then it’s your cue for a cleaning process. However, if the light turns on and goes steady, it means your espresso machine needs descaling. 

Cleaning and descaling might sound like the same symphony, but they’re different procedures that require different steps.

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The Cleaning Process

To give your Breville a good clean, you’ll only need water and some Breville cleaning tablets. 

The process is easy. Just pop in the disk cleaning tablets and let the machine run a cleaning cycle. It’s the equivalent of a thorough scrub-down for your Breville. We’ll dive into more details below.

The Descaling Process

Now, if that light is persistent and just won’t quit, it’s time to run a descale cycle. For that, you’ll need to get your hands on Breville’s descaling solution

The descale mode is considered a heavy-duty treatment—it breaks down mineral buildup and keeps your machine’s insides as fresh as a morning breeze. 

Breville Clean Descale Light Flashing: How to Fix It

The constant flashing of that little light means that your machine’s parts need a good old cleaning—the steam wand, the shower screen, the filter baskets, etc.

Here’s how to run a cleaning cycle:

Step 1: Empty and Prepare

Before doing anything, make sure that the drip tray is empty. Then, remove it to access the tool kit hidden behind it. In the tool kit, look for the rubber disks and take them out.

Put the tool kit back in place along with the drip tray. You can also rinse the drip tray before returning it since you’re already cleaning the machine.

Step 2: Assembly and Clean

Now that the drip tray is back in place, make sure that the water tank is full of fresh water before the cleaning starts. Next, grab the portafilter and insert a one-shot filter.

Place a rubber disc inside the portafilter and top it with a cleaning tablet. Then, install the portafilter back in its place.

Step 3: Initiate Cleaning Mode

To initiate the cleaning mode, turn off the machine. Then, simultaneously hold the one-shot and two-shot buttons while pressing the power button to activate the cleaning mode.

Step 4: Let it Clean

Wait for the cleaning light to start flashing. This indicates the activation of the cleaning mode. You’ll also hear the machine start whirring.

Allow the machine to run its complete cleaning cycle for approximately five minutes. During this time, no water will be dispensed, but the Breville’s pressure constantly build up and recede.

Step 5: Final Steps

When your Breville machine completes its cleaning cycle, the water level will fall, and it’ll beep three times. When that happens, open the portafilter, confirming the tablet has dissolved.

Now, remove the rubber disc and wash it, along with the portafilter, to eliminate any residue.

Finish by hitting the double-shot button to rinse the showerhead. Repeat this step, then install the portafilter and rinse again to make sure it gets cleaned as well.

Install the portafilter again, and voila – you’re done! Your Breville machine is now sparkling clean and ready for another round of brewing perfection.

How Often Should You Clean a Breville?

Breville owners usually have different opinions when it comes to cleaning their machines. Some people use their machines daily, so they often need to run a cleaning cycle every few months and a descaling cycle every few weeks.

Coffee machine running a cleaning cycle

Meanwhile, people who only use their machines occasionally can usually wait more than a year to run the first cleaning cycle.

Here are some things to consider:

Regular Maintenance

For the average user, a cleaning session every five or six months should keep your Breville in tip-top shape. This routine maintenance ensures that your coffee buddy continues to deliver that perfect cup every time.

Adjust for Frequency

If your coffee machine is more of a weekend warrior, used less frequently, you can stretch the cleaning intervals a bit. Monitor the usage, and if it’s more of an occasional treat, consider cleaning it a bit less often.

Visual Cues

Keep an eye on the showerhead—when it starts showing signs of coffee stains, it’s like a visual nudge from your Breville, saying, “Hey, I could use a cleanup soon!” 

Take this as a signal to schedule a cleaning cycle sooner rather than later.

Remember, a clean Breville is a happy Breville. So, whether you’re a daily brewer or an occasional sipper, a little cleaning goes a long way in ensuring your coffee machine stays your reliable morning companion.

The Final Scoop

A Breville espresso machine is your trusty sidekick to keep your mornings delightful. So, when the machine asks for something, you have to give it!

The Breville Clean/Descale light flashing means that your machine needs a cleaning cycle. Depending on your usage, you should see the tiny blinking light every four to six months—more if you use the machine less frequently. 

If the light turns on and stays on, the machine needs a descaling cycle. Make sure to always keep a descaling solution handy, or else you won’t be able to use the machine until you buy the solution.

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