County Line Kitchen Mason Jar Review: Cold Brew Made Easy

The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar is a simple-to-use coffee maker that comes with a durable mason jar, a stainless steel filter, and a leak-proof lid. The lid doubles as a dispenser for easy pouring.

If you’ve experimented with a variety of at-home cold brew makers only to find that they all drive you batty, the County Line Kitchen Mason Jar might just be the perfect remedy for your woes.

Arguably the best cold brew coffee maker for home baristas, it offers one of the simplest and most effective ways to make cold brew from the comfort of your kitchen. And you won’t be disappointed by the end result. 

Keep reading for our County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker review and to learn more about County Line Kitchen.

About County Line Kitchen

Based in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, County Line Kitchen is a family-owned business that is dedicated to providing high-quality home and kitchen products. All of their products are assembled and packaged in the United States. 

As the company states on its website, “County Line Kitchen was born out of the desire to make making and drinking coffee easy, simple, reliable, and affordable. No frills, no gimmicks – just crisp, clean, strong coffee.”

County Line Kitchen has certainly achieved their goal with the Cold Brew Mason Jar as well as their Mason Jar Pitcher.

About the Cold Brew Mason Jar

The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Coffee Maker comes very highly rated, with well over 20,000 reviews on Amazon.  As you can see, there are only three main components: the mason jar, the filter, and the lid. 

The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar – 3 Main Components

The mason jar is extremely durable and dishwasher-safe, and can withstand a bit of clumsiness.  The filter is made from a super high-quality stainless steel mesh. It works well to prevent coffee grounds from entering the jar. And the leak-proof lid makes for easy pouring.

Something to note: The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Maker comes in four varieties.

  • 32 oz (1 Quart) with a Standard Lid
  • 32 oz (1 Quart) with Handle
  • 64 oz (2 Quart) with Standard Lid
  • 64 oz (2 Quart) with Handle

Just make sure to select the option that fits your needs and your budget.  But even the 64 oz version with a handle checks out at just $40, which is a steal for such a simple-to-use and durable cold brew maker (which doubles as a cold brew pitcher).

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How to Use the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar

While other cold brew makers can be complicated to both set up and use, the County Line Kitchen Mason Jar is so ridiculously easy, it requires little explanation.

Here are the County Line Kitchen Cold Brew instructions you need to make a batch of delicious, day-making cold brew:

  1. Simply place the metal filter basket into the mason jar. Make sure there’s a silicon seal attached to the filter’s rim.
  2. Next, add your coffee grounds to the filter basket. The accompanying user guide recommends filling the filter basket up to one inch from the top of the filter. However, this is ultimately up to you, depending on how strong you want your cold brew.
  3. After you’ve added your coffee grounds to the filter basket, it’s time to pour water over the coffee grounds. You’ll want to do this fairly slowly. Otherwise, the water will start to overflow before it seeps into the jar.
  4. The user guide does not say how much water to add, but I always fill it up to the Max line. Again, this is ultimately up to you, depending on how strong you like your cold brew. Less water will yield less cold brew, but your cold brew will be stronger.
  5. Once you’ve filled the jar with water, place the whole thing in the fridge to let it brew. It is recommended that you leave it in the fridge for at least 24 hours. Less brewing time (12 to 24 hours) is required if you leave it out at room temperature. But then of course your brew won’t be cold. It’ll be at, you know, room temperature.

And that’s it!

When your brewing time is up, remove the filter basket from the jar (it’s best to do this over the sink to account for drippage) and discard the grounds.

Now, you have a mason jar filled with delicious cold brew. Pour into your favorite cup, add some ice if you like, and enjoy. Or drink it straight out of the jar if you live by yourself and you’re an animal.

The Final Scoop: Get it or Forget it?

Definitely get it. The County Line Kitchen Cold Brew Mason Jar might literally be the easiest way to make amazing cold brew at home. No fuss, no muss. If you get it, you won’t regret it.

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