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Espro P3 vs P5: A Detailed Review of Each French Press

For French press lovers seeking the perfect cup of coffee, the Espro P3 and Espro P5 both deliver. These stylish stainless steel presses feature innovative dual micro-filter baskets to brew smoother, grit-free coffee. But who wins the battle of the Espro P3 vs P5?

In this review, we’ll look at the specs, features, ease of use and performance of both the Espro P3 and the Espro P5 to help you determine which model best suits your morning routine.

Grab a mug and get comfy. It’s time to spill the beans.

Espro P3: Overview

The Espro P3 Coffee Press delivers signature Espro quality in a more affordable package. 

Enclosed in a plastic cage rather than stainless steel, this model retains the innovative double micro-filter system and locking mechanism of pricier Espro presses. 

ESPRO – P3 French Press – Double Micro-Filtered…
  • GET MORE CAPACITY: The 32-ounce ESPRO French press holds 48 ounces of water and brews 32 ounces of delicious coffee. This top-tier coffee maker features a stainless steel with double filter, ensuring a smooth and rich coffee experience every time.

With its 40% thicker German-made Schott Duran glass carafe, the Espro P3 brews rich, sediment-free coffee worthy of its award-winning name.

Espro P3: Pros & Cons


  • Double micro-filters give grit-free coffee
  • Safety Lock prevents accidents
  • Thick, durable glass carafe
  • Stylish design with plastic cage
  • Budget-friendly for Espro quality


  • No built-in pour spout
  • Filters can clog
  • Fewer size options
  • Plastic cage less durable than steel

The Espro P3 gets high marks for delivering noticeably smoother coffee than typical French presses. The patented double micro-filter system shines at removing coffee grounds and sediment. 

Some users report issues with proper filter assembly, but overall the Espro P3 impresses as a lower-cost path to delicious French press coffee.

Espro P5: Overview

ESPRO – P5 French Press – Double Micro-Filtered…
  • Modernize Your Classic Coffee – The ESPRO Press P5’s minimal glass design makes it easy to brew cafe-worthy coffee you’ll love; Perfect for home, office, and travel, this coffee maker is designed to elevate your coffee experience.

Sleek and modern, the Espro P5 French press elevates the classic French press design with patented double micro-filter technology for sediment-free coffee. 

Its professional-grade stainless steel body and insulated double walls provide durability and retain heat. 

With options for paper filters or metal mesh, the Espro P5 allows you to customize your brew.

Espro P5: Pros & Cons


  • Double filters remove grit and sediment
  • Insulated to retain heat
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Can make cold brew


  • Expensive
  • Parts are not dishwasher-safe
  • Smaller capacity than some presses
  • Brittle glass carafe

While pricy, the Espro P5 delivers noticeably cleaner and smoother coffee versus typical French presses. Its sleek steel design and advanced filtration make it a quality choice for French press purists. Just take care when washing to prevent damaging the glass interior.

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Espro P3 vs. P5: How They Differ:

Main Features & Specs

When it comes to French press coffee makers, the Espro P3 and Espro P5 share the same excellent filtration technology in different packages. While both presses deliver sediment-free coffee thanks to their patented double micro-filters, the P3 and P5 have notable differences in their build, durability, and overall functionality.

The Espro P3 and P5 share the same 32 oz capacity and innovative dual filter system, but the similarities end there. 

The P5’s stainless steel body outshines the plastic-caged P3 for sheer durability, while its insulated double walls provide superior heat retention. The P5 also boasts 40% thicker glass for increased resilience against drops or shocks.

But for budget-focused buyers, the P3 offers the core Espro experience at a more accessible price point.

The Verdict: Both presses produce wonderfully grit-free coffee, but the P5’s higher-end materials and sturdier construction make it the winner for French press aficionados who value craftsmanship and performance. 

Quality & Flavor

The Espro P3 and P5 French presses shine for their ability to brew sediment-free coffee that highlights the nuances and aromas of your favorite beans. However, small differences in their construction give the P5 a slight edge.

The P5’s stainless steel body and double-walled insulation better retain heat during brewing compared to the plastic-caged P3. This allows for fuller extraction and bloom of flavors. 

Additionally, the P5’s 40% thicker Schott Duran glass carafe is more resistant to breaks that could compromise temperature. For French press purists seeking the cleanest, smoothest brew topped with a crema finish, the P5 is the ideal choice.

That said, the budget-friendly P3 still impresses with noticeably clearer flavor versus typical French press models, thanks to its innovative dual filters. While not as optimal for heat retention, the P3 produces a grit-free, well-balanced cup that highlights the nuances of your favorite beans.

The Verdict: For most French press fans, the P3 offers excellent quality and flavor at a more accessible price point. But for the ultimate experience, the P5 is worth the splurge.

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Cost Comparison

The most noticeable difference between the Espro P3 and P5 is cost—the P3 retails for around $39, while the P5 costs nearly twice as much at $69. 

For buyers on a budget, the P3 is the clear winner, delivering that same grit-free Espro coffee experience for under $40. 

However, French press enthusiasts with some extra cash to spend will find the P5’s superior durability, heat retention, and resilience worth the investment.

The Verdict: With its budget-friendly price point and patented dual filters, the Espro P3 takes the crown for best value French press.

Convenience & Maintenance

Both the Espro P3 and P5 earn high marks for convenience, with simple operation and easy disassembly for cleaning. Their patented twist-lock filters make rinsing away grounds a breeze.

However, the P5’s more involved multi-piece design requires a bit more care to properly dismantle and reassemble without damage. The P3’s plastic and glass parts can be tossed in the dishwasher, while the P5’s stainless and glass construction require hand washing. 

For hassle-free cleaning, the P3 pulls slightly ahead. But with proper care, both presses deliver exceptional convenience paired with amazing coffee.

The Verdict: In terms of convenience and ease of maintenance, the Espro P3 edges out the P5 as the more user-friendly option.

Espro P3 Vs. P5: Who Wins:

When choosing between the Espro P3 and Espro P5 French presses, it really comes down to budget versus quality. 

For an affordable introduction to Espro’s sediment-free coffee, the plastic-caged P3 is the clear winner. Its innovative dual filters deliver noticeably smoother coffee at under $40. 

However, the P5’s superior stainless steel build, thicker glass, and insulation make it the choice for the ultimate brewing experience.

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